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Construction Expert Witness + Advisor


Construction Expert Witness

Need an expert for your upcoming construction litigation?  Bob has been accepted into the New Jersey Superior Court as a Construction Expert and participated in over 30 construction litigation cases, providing construction expertise based on his 50+ years in the industry.

His expertise includes building code

compliance, building materials standards, building plan reviews, technical plan reviews, field inspections, construction defect mitigation, window warrantee and claims, and water infiltration on roofing, decking, basements and cladding.

Construction Project Advisor

Get an unbiased evaluation of all high-risk components of your upcoming construction project including, but not limited to: foundation, framing, exterior cladding, MEP, fenestrations, and roofing systems.

Bob is a leading builder in the New Jersey area, with diverse construction experience, including single family homes, duplex homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, vacation homes, retail

spaces and medical facilities.  This  experience gives Bob great insight into any construction job.  

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